Health Provision

The health and safety of pupils are central priorities at FoxdellJuniorSchool. Parents need to be aware that:


Medicines in School

The school follows the LA guidance concerning the administration of medicine to pupils during the school day. 

Only regular medical treatment can be considered for administration by staff provided that: 

    • written instructions regarding medical treatment and consent from the child’s parent/carers for such treatment is given
    • designated members of staff, who have originally volunteered, have been properly and fully trained as to the administration of that treatment and are given regular refresher training.

Please Note: Anti-biotics are not classed as regular medicines and will not be administered by school staff.

  • parents may come to school to administer the medicine
  • children who are unwell should NOT be sent to school

Asthma Sufferers

  1. Inhalers must be kept in the child’s classroom, and taken out during PE and visits outside the school.
  2. Spares may be kept in the School Medical Room.
  3. Inhalers and related equipment must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and class number.
  4. Parents are responsible for ensuring that inhalers are in working order and within the expiry date.

Sickness or Injury

The school maintains a list of home, work and emergency telephone numbers for each child so that Parents/Guardians can be contacted in the event of sickness or injury. It is important that the school is informed of any changes to these contacts. 

In the case of an accident at school, parents will be contacted if medical attention is thought necessary. If children become ill during the day Parents/Guardians may be asked to collect their child from school. The nurse is always pleased to discuss any problems you may have relating to the health of your child. She can be contacted through the school. 

If for health reasons, a child is not fit to take part in PE, games or swimming, a note must be sent to the class teacher.


Family Worker

The school benefits from the services of two Family Workers who offer support to pupils and families in a home/school context. They may be contacted by telephoning the school office.


Healthy School Initiative

Foxdell Junior School is actively involved with the Healthy Schools Strategy. We have achieved National Healthy School Status and are currently working towards the enhanced model. The aims of the project are to develop links with families and the community, introducing ideas and activities that will encourage our staff and the pupils to lead a healthier lifestyle. We recognise as a school that our curriculum and the whole school environment play essential roles in promoting healthier living. Children are encouraged to eat fruit at playtimes and this is available for them to buy if they wish. Sweets, biscuits and crisps should not be brought to eat at playtime.